Canadian Advanced Senior High
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What do you need to apply?

Local Canadian Student Application

Students who are enrolled in public or private schools can enroll in our Canadian Advanced Senior High credit courses directly if all prerequisites of the courses are met. Proof of Canadian status must be provided.

International Student Application

Our innovative and self-directed curriculum of more than 50 courses is available to students 14 years of age and up from anywhere in the world, and is designed to prepare you for top university and college placements.

Application Procedure

1. Student Registration: Personal Information, School Information, Contact Information. Fill in the registration form here.

2. Transcripts: If you have received high school level credit, a transcript/ report card/ credit counseling summary/ PLAR assessment result from that school must be sent to Canadian Advanced Senior High by email at

3. Payment: The tuition fee can be paid with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover). Application fee is non-refundable.

4. Proof of Canadian citizenship: Identity documents such as Canadian Passport (local Canadian student only).

Prerequisite courses

A prerequisite course is required to make sure you have the knowledge and experience of the fundamentals to allow you to complete and succeed in a subsequent course.

A prerequisite is a course in the same subject but at a lower level – for example, ENG3U (English grade 11) is the prerequisite for ENG4U (English grade 12). ENG4U requires the completion of ENG3U. Prerequisites are mandatory for you to enroll in a course and earn an OSSD credit successfully.

If you believe that you have already acquired the knowledge of a prerequisite from previous learning experiences, please complete the Canadian Advanced Senior High – Prerequisite Waiver Form. The school will assess your circumstance to determine if the prerequisite can be waived.

Credit and Refund Policy

Course Transfer: A student can transfer to another course within 2 weeks after registration. No fees will be applied.

Course Withdrawal: A student can withdraw from the course at any time. No refund will be granted.

Course Extension: Canadian Advanced Senior High courses are to be completed within 4 months in general. Courses can be extended by 2 extra months by paying a course extension fee $100.  Under all circumstances, students must complete courses within 12 months from the initial course start date.  Any students who does not completed a course within 12 months from the day of enrollment, will be unenrolled with no option for re-instatement.

Course Dismissal: Students enrolling in Canadian Advanced Senior High have an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the school’s function as an educational institution. Students who fail to comply with the regulations of Canadian Advanced Senior High may be dismissed from the school at any time with no reimbursement of fees.