Canadian Advanced Senior High
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All local Canadian students or International students can apply. You do not need the permission of your current school to take a course with Canadian Advanced Senior High. We will communicate with your school when you register a course with us. OSSD credits earned from Canadian Advanced Senior High are the same as those earned at public and private schools in Ontario. Canadian Advanced Senior High will also send a copy of your midterm report card to your school when you reach that point in the course. Once you have completed the course, Canadian Advanced Senior High will send the final report card to your home school where this course will be added to your ongoing Ontario Student Transcript (OST) in your Ontario Student Record (OSR).

Students study at their own pace. Students generally complete a course in 4 months and have the option to pay for course extensions if required. They have up to 12 months to complete the course.

Yes. All credits earned in Canadian Advanced Senior High are the same credits earned by students in bricks and mortar public and private schools in the Province of Ontario.

Canadian Advanced Senior High has continuous ongoing enrollment. Students can register on any day of the year. In general, students can begin courses within one to two days of registration.

Registration is completed online using our registration page.

Our tuition fees include all costs associated with the course*.

Grade 9 courses are $800.

Grade 10 courses are $800.

Grade 11 courses are $800.

Grade 12 courses are $800.

ESL and International Languages courses are $800.

*Note: students may be required to borrow or purchase a novel for English courses and if an etextbook is not available for the course. Used texts or similar copies are readily available from used bookstores and libraries.

Students will receive a first email confirming their registration and payment once the registration process is complete. A second email will be sent with the student’s username and password. In general, students can begin courses within one to two days of registration.

Canadian Advanced Senior High will inform the student’s home school after registration of a course, when the midpoint has been reached, and when the course has been completed. A midterm report card and final report card will both be sent to the home school. The OSSD credit earned at Canadian Advanced Senior High will be added to the Ontario Student Transcript (OST) in your home school.

Students will be guided by a certified teacher throughout the course as well as 24/7 access to unlimited online learning support. Extra private live tutoring can be arranged on demand.

The regular Canadian Advanced Senior High standard of providing feedback and grading is within 5 days. Teachers will clarify specific expectations when courses begin.

Tutoring could be online or offline. Our tutors are proficient in all subject areas offered by Canadian Advanced Senior High.

When students need assistance, they upload a file, description, or image of the lesson or assignment to the chat box. Tutors will help students with any questions they have about the topic under study, but do not provide students with answers. Students will not be permitted to utilize the tutoring service during the final exam.

Primarily by email, some other communication tools such as telephone or video conferencing can be arranged upon request.

Students study at their own pace. If students wait for their teachers’ feedback before submitting more assignments, they can use the feedback to improve on their future course work.

Once a student reaches midterm or final point in a course, the student can provide Canadian Advanced Senior High the OUAC or OCAS reference number, so we can update the record accordingly. The student should always double-check if the grade has been updated.

A prerequisite course is the course a student must complete prior to taking the next level of the subject. Prerequisite requirements are outlined by the Ministry of Education in order to ensure that students are properly prepared to take a course at the next higher level. Students should obtain and send Canadian Advanced Senior High a copy of their Ontario Student Transcript (OST), Report Card, or Credit Counseling Summary, to prove that the student has achieved the prerequisite for the course.

The proctor must first be approved by Canadian Advanced Senior High following the guidelines above. Once the exam is scheduled with the proctor, it is up to the student to ensure that he/she understands the rules and regulations surrounding the final exam. For example, the student cannot access any external content during the final exam. All final exam procedures can be found in the Introduction unit of the course under Final Exam. The student will access the exam online and a password will be entered by the Proctor in order for the student to access the exam. The exam will be timed, so it is important for the student to be aware of any time constraints for the exam. The student will then work through the exam and save his or her responses as questions are completed. Once the final exam is submitted, the Proctor will sign and return the Proctor Memorandum to our office.

Please note: The final report card for the course will not be released until Canadian Advanced Senior High receives the signed Proctor Memorandum from the Proctor

All exams at Canadian Advanced Senior High are closed-book and completed online under the supervision of an appropriate Proctor. Student finds a proctor to supervise the exam: If a student is finding his or her own Proctor, a Proctor Approval Application must be submitted to the office two (2) weeks in advance of the intended exam date. The application is then reviewed by the Exams Administrator and the student is notified when the Proctor has been approved and/or if Canadian Advanced Senior High requires additional information on the Proctor. Once approved, the Proctor is sent a Proctor Memorandum indicating the exam procedures and exam password via email. The Proctor and student are responsible for understanding the exam procedures and protocol (i.e. no content can be accessed during the final exam). Once the exam is completed, the Proctor must sign and return the Proctor Memorandum indicating all procedures were properly followed. In order to ensure the integrity and security of the final exam, the Proctor must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for approval:

must have a professional university degree or college designation;

must provide a non-generic business e-mail address for correspondence purposes (i.e. not Gmail or Hotmail, etc.);

must not be a family member;

must not be a student at any level of study;


The student selects the date, time and location of the final exam. If the student is choosing to find a proctor, the student and proctor must agree on the date and time selected. When the student is nearing the end of the course, he or she can submit a Proctor Approval Application at any time. Students must allow two (2) weeks for the application to be processed. Assignments and tests do not have to be completed at the time of application, but must be submitted before writing the exam. Any assignments not received by the teacher prior to the exam may be graded a zero. If the student does not submit the application two weeks in advance of the exam date, the application will not be processed. The student will be asked to reschedule with an appropriate time frame or to reschedule the exam using Examity, which allows for flexible scheduling options.

The Canadian Advanced Senior High Principal can determine whether or not the prerequisite could be waived based on the student’s educational level, experience, or maturity. It is possible that the prerequisite could be waived as determined by course equivalency standards if a student has taken a similar course in a different country or province.